Rewards Club


Markham Subaru is pleased to introduce the new and improved Markham Subaru Rewards Program. Now, 8% of everything you spend in our parts or service departments will be returned to you to spend however you want in the future. Whether you’ve always wanted a roof rack for your new vehicle, have experienced an unexpected repair bill or have been saving for a new or pre-owned vehicle, Markham Subaru will make your decision easier.

Here’s how it works. Three percent (3%) of each qualified pre-tax parts or service purchase made at Markham Subaru will automatically be added to your Markham Subaru Rewards bank. You can then use those rewards dollars for virtually anything in our parts or service departments.

As an added bonus, 5% of that same pre-tax purchase will be accumulated as future purchase credits. That means that every regular maintenance you do helps you save money on your next car!

You can check your rewards dollar balance anytime and anywhere you like at

We look forward to helping you start saving today!


1 – The amount of Markham Subaru Rewards Dollars earned for each purchase is calculated by multiplying your pre-tax invoice amount by 3%. Future purchase credits are calculated by multiplying your pre-tax invoice amount by 5%.
2 – Markham Subaru Rewards Dollars are earned through qualified purchases in the Markham Subaru Service & Parts Department. All purchases/service operations qualify for Rewards except for the following: Insurance repairs, warranty repairs, emissions tests and any repairs where the customer does not pay for the service.
3 – Markham Subaru Rewards Dollars and future purchase credits thave no cash value and can only be redeemed against purchases at Markham Subaru, including applicable taxes.
4 – Markham Subaru Reward Dollars and Markham Subaru future purchase credits cannot be combined for use at the same time. Reward dollars can only be used on parts or service purchases while future purchase credits can only be used on new or pre-owned vehicle sales.
5 – Rewards dollars can be redeemed in part or in full at any time, or ‘banked’ for up to 36 months. Rewards dollars can also be redeemed against the purchase of a new vehicle.
6 – Each Markham Subaru Rewards dollar will expire 36 months after it was originally earned. Once expired, a Rewards Dollar can no longer be redeemed.
7 – Markham Subaru Rewards Dollars are non-transferable from owner to owner.
8 – Markham Subaru reserves the right to amend or terminate this program without notice. Markham Subaru Rewards Dollars have no cash value and are the virtual property of Markham Subaru. Markham Subaru reserves the right to terminate individual Rewards Club memberships in cases including but not limited to abuse and/or misleading activity and/or misleading information provided by members.